IFSA - International Fuzzy Systems Association

The International Fuzzy Systems Association (IFSA) is a worldwide organization dedicated to the support, development and promotion of the fundamental issues of fuzzy theory related to (a) sets, (b) logics, (c) relations, (d) natural languages, (e) concept formation, (f) linguistic modeling, (g) vagueness, (h) information granularity, etc. and their applications to (1) systems modeling, (2) system analysis, (3) diagnosis, (4) prediction and (5) control in decision support systems in management and administration of human organizations as well as electro-mechanical systems in manufacturing and process industries. IFSA organizes and encourages participation in open discussion session on the future directions and restructuring of fuzzy theory in IFSA congresses. Furthermore, IFSA publishes the International Journal of Fuzzy Sets and Systems and sponsors workshops and conferences on fuzzy theory.