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The International Fuzzy Systems Association (IFSA) is a worldwide organization dedicated to the support, development and promotion of the fundamental issues of fuzzy theory related to (a) sets, (b) logics, (c) relations, (d) natural languages, (e) concept formation, (f) linguistic modeling, (g) vagueness, (h) information granularity, etc. and their applications to (1) systems modeling, (2) system analysis, (3) diagnosis, (4) prediction and (5) control in decision support systems in management and administration of human organizations as well as electro-mechanical systems in manufacturing and process industries. IFSA organizes and encourages participation in open discussion session on the future directions and restructuring of fuzzy theory in IFSA congresses. Furthermore, IFSA publishes the International Journal of Fuzzy Sets and Systems and sponsors workshops and conferences on fuzzy theory.

In memory of Lotfi A. Zadeh

With sadness we learn that the founder of fuzzy sets theory passed away last September 6, 2017. Lofti Zadeh is gone after devoting his life to the fuzzy community he created from an idea that now iluminates every field of knowledge. A great scientist that attracted to this field to a second generation of wonderful pioners that became his friends. Lotfi Zadeh has been a continuous inspiration for all fuzzy researchers, always trying to help, always offering new ideas to everybody, always putting people to work together. We have learnt from him to love Science, Humanity and Friendship. Now we have to stand together, all fuzzy associations and all their members, to continue developing his vision. The International Fuzzy Systems Association, as a main heritage of Zadeh's innitiative, is fully committed in increasing the impact of fuzzy sets in theory and practice.

Lotfi A. Zadeh was born in 1921, in Baku, Azerbaijan, where his father, from Iran, was working as journalist. When Lotfi was 10 years old his family moved back to Teheran, where in 1942 he obtained the Degree on Electrical Enginering. One year later Lotfi emigrated to the United States of North America, continuing his studies at MIT and Columbia University, where he was hired as professor. In 1959 he moved to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciecens at the University of California, Berkeley. In 1965 Lotfi Zadeh published the concept of fuzzy set in a seminal paper that has become one of the most cited works of the 20th century.

A memorial webpage has been created to post feelings and ideas commemorating Lotfi Zadeh, please visit http://zadehmemorial.com.

On the commemoration celebration in theEECS dept of UCB there was a journalist of the New York Times who just published this article today:

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